The Fuzzy Memorial League

Baseball with an Attitude

Sept. 22, 2023


Welcome to the Fuzzy Memorial League, one of the oldest Rotisserie-style fantasy baseball leagues in United States.  Formed in 1984 at the now-defunct Turbot Restaurant on North State Parkway in Chicago, the FML is in its 39th year, as of 2019.

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Waiver List

The following players are on release waivers until Sunday, Sept. 24 at 5 p.m., CDT:

Yasmani Grandal ($9)

Matt Thaiss ($7)

Patrick Sandoval ($15, LONG TERM)

Andrew Heaney ($4)

D.L. Hall ($1)

Luis Patino ($1)


The following players are free to be traded anytime:

David Fry, Addison Lights, $7

D.J. LeMahieu, Addison Lights, $12 and signed thru 2025

Oswaldo Cabrera, Addison Lights, $11

Taylor Walls, Blues City Bruisers, $7

Hunter Renfroe, Blues City Bruisers, $35

Harrison Bader, Blues City Bruisers, $7

James Paxton, Blues City Bruisers, $1

Matt Chapman, Brew Jays, $16 and signed thru 2023

Kyle Stowers, Karpís High Ratios, $3

Corey Julks, Karpís High Ratios, $1

Shane Bieber, Karpís High Ratios, $14 and signed thru 2024

Frankie Montas, Karpís High Ratios, $11 and signed thru 2024

Yusei Kikuchi, Karpís High Ratios, $1

Liam Hendriks, Karpís High Ratios, $22

Jonathan Aranda, L.L. Beans ($1)

Drew Rasmussen, L.L. Beans, $12 and signed thru 2024

Andrew Kittredge, L.L. Beans, $2

Chris Paddack, L.L. Beans , $1

Dillon Tate, L.L. Beans, $1

Hector Neris, L.L. Beans, $7


The following player was claimed on withdrawable waivers on Aug. 13 and his name withdrawn:

Carlos Correa, L.L. Beans, $38 and LONG TERM (Nordica Knucklers #1 claim)


The following players were claimed on withdrawable waivers on Aug. 20 and their names withdrawn:

Isaac Paredes, Blues City Bruisers, $7, LONG TERM (Nordica Knucklers #1 claim)

Andres Gimenez, Blues City Bruisers, $12 and signed thru 2026 (Nordica Knucklers #3 claim)


To be Activated

The following players must be activated or waived by Monday, Sept. 25:

Alex Kirilloff, Three Stooges

Brad Keller, Three Stooges

Ben Joyce, Shoeless Sandmen

Luis Medina, Wa-Wa Two Sees


The following players may be activated at the discretion of their FML teams:

Ian Hamilton, Addison Lights

Evan Carter, Blues City Bruisers

Andre Lipcius, Brew Jays

Tyler Wells, Brew Jays

Austin Wells, Karpís High Ratios

Junior Caminero, Karpís High Ratios

Shane Bieber, Karpís High Ratios

Davis Daniel, Karpís High Ratios

Jason Adam, L.L. Beans

Heston Kjerstad, Pattonís High Velocity

Curtis Mead, Pattonís High Velocity

Jo Adell, Pattonís High Velocity

Nate Pearson, Pattonís High Velocity

Bobby Dalbec, Shoeless Sandmen

Adolis Garcia, Shoeless Sandmen

James Karinchak, Shoeless Sandmen

Josh Jung, Three Stooges

Manuel Margot, Three Stooges

Garrett Crochet, Three Stooges

Trevor Larnach, Wa-Wa Two Sees


FML Accounts

The following teams owe money to the league, as of Sept. 18:

Addison Lights, $104, no payment needed

Blues City Bruisers, $15, no payment needed

Brew Jays, $227, no payment needed

L.L. Beans, $1, no payment needed

Nordica Knucklers, $100, no payment needed

Patton's High Velocity, $129, no payment needed

Shoeless Sandmen, $6, no payment needed

Three Stooges, $7, no payment needed

Wa-Wa Two Sees, $239, no payment needed


Rookie Eligibility

The following players lost their rookie eligibility in 2023:

Enmanuel Valdez, Addison Lights (Sept. 4)

Zach Neto, Addison Lights (June 1)

Edouard Julien, Addison Lights (July 10)

Jordan Westburg (Aug. 14)

Will Brennan, Addison Lights (May 8)

Kerry Carpenter, Addison Lights

Drew Waters, Addison Lights

Taj Bradley, Addison Lights (June 26)

Ken Waldichuk, Addison Lights

Logan OíHoppe, Blues City Bruisers ( Sept. 4)

Samad Taylor, Blues City Bruisers (Aug. 21)

Grayson Rodriguez, Blues City Bruisers (May 22)

Gabriel Moreno, Karpís High Ratios

Yainer Diaz, Karpís High Ratios

David Hensley, Karpís High Ratios

Zack Gelof, Karpís High Ratios (Sept. 4)

Masataka Yoshida, Karpís High Ratios (May 22)

Corey Julks, Karpís High Ratios (May 22)

Tanner Bibee, Karpís High Ratios (June 12)

Hunter Brown, Karpís High Ratios

Bryan Woo, Karpís High Ratios (July 24)

Chase Silseth, Karpís High Ratios (May 8)

Louie Varland, Karpís High Ratios (May 15)

Bo Naylor, L.L. Beans (July 31)

Connor Wong, L.L. Beans

Gunnar Henderson, L.L. Beans

Oswald Peraza, L.L. Beans (April 27)

Jonathan Aranda, L.L. Beans (July 17)

Logan T. Allen, L.L. Beans (June 5)

Gavin Williams, L.L. Beans (Aug. 14)

Michael Baumann, Nordica Knucklers

Joey Wentz, Nordica Knucklers

Jordan Diaz, Pattonís High Velocity (May 22)

Matt Wallner, Pattonís High Velocity (July 24)

Bryce Miller, Pattonís High Velocity (June 19)

Nate Pearson, Pattonís High Velocity (May 8)

Tristan Casas, Shoeless Sandmen

D.L. Hall, Shoeless Sandmen (Sept. 4)

Cody Morris, Shoeless Sandmen (July 17)

Anthony Volpe, Three Stooges (May 15)

Josh Jung, Three Stooges

Oscar Colas, Three Stooges (July 24)

Reese Olson, Three Stooges (July 17)

Korey Lee, Wa-Wa Two Sees (Sept. 11)

Royce Lewis, Wa-Wa Two Sees (June 26)


2023 FML Transaction Deadlines

All times Central Daylight.  Please note that FML deadlines are determined by the first MLB game, not necessarily the first American League contest.


First MLB  Game

FML Deadline

Monday, Sept. 25

Arizona at Chicago, 6:40 p.m.

5:30 p.m.

 **Earlier deadline due to Commissionerís vacation plans in NYC